Barnett on Washington FAQ

Catering and Vendors

What are my catering options?
Our preferred caterers list is comprised of premium full-service caterers. You will need to choose from these companies for your dinner service.

Am I required to use the other vendors on your list?
While we are exclusive with our caterers, you are welcome to use any licensed and insured vendor in other categories.

Will our Barnett on Washington venue manager make our announcements?
Barnett on Washington Venue managers will facilitate a wide variety of tasks including management of your event timeline.  However, their primary functions are room set up, vendor check in, and bar operations. You will need to coordinate with your DJ or master of ceremonies to make your announcements at the appropriate times.

Bar and Liquor

Can we bring in our own alcohol?
Unfortunately, we do not allow outside alcohol on premise due to our liquor license. Our full service bar is happy to accommodate if there is a special request, and order it for an additional charge. If we are unable to source the item, we may allow you to bring it in for a corkage fee.  Our bar staff will then serve it from our bar. Please let us know if there is that beer or liquor that you would like to see.

Am I required to purchase a bar package?
Friday and Saturday evenings, as well as certain holidays, do have a minimum bar package purchase in which a Cash Bar is not an option. However, for events held during the week or Sundays a cash or consumption bar is an option for your event. 

Are shots included in the bar package?
No, shots are not included in any bar package.  Guests are welcome to purchase shots, but they are not included. 

How many bartenders will be at my event?
We have a fully trained staff of bartenders ready to work your event. We staff our main bar with at least one bartender per fifty guests.  We take pride in customer service, therefore, we do reserve the right to add additional staff members depending on the type of event.  

Will I have to pay for the bar package for kids?
You will not be charged for the alcoholic bar package for your guests under 21. Guests between the ages of 6 and 20 will count towards the soft drink package. There is no charge for guests 5 and under, but they should be included in the total guest count.

Parking and Security

Where do we park?
We are happy to add valet parking onto your rental for an additional fee. Self Parking in our parking lots, street, and metered parking are always available to your guests if you choose not to add valet on to your event.

Does the Barnett provide security?
We require at least one security person on duty during events, who is responsible for monitoring the parking lots. If you would like additional security, it can be arranged for an additional fee.

Set up and Decor

Does the rental rate include time to set up and tear down our decor?
Yes! Our building opens to our clients and their vendors 30 minutes before ceremony rentals and 2 hours before receptions. If you are having both your ceremony and reception here, our building will open 2 hours before your ceremony. This allows for time before guest arrival to set up and decorate. We also allow an hour after the end of the event for décor and vendor breakdown.

What is included in the rental cost?
Included in the cost of the rental is the space, tables, house chairs, and a venue manager. Your venue manager will coordinate event logistics and timing as they relate to our venue and services.

Will I need to provide my own décor?
You are welcome to customize our space to your tastes with the help of a professional decorator, florist, or even DIY décor. We do not provide any decorations or set up and take down décor unless previously agreed upon.

Does my décor need to be removed at the end of the event?
Yes, all personal décor is the responsibility of the client and/or rental companies and must be packed and removed or stored after the event unless other arrangements have been discussed and agreed to in writing.

Are real candles allowed?
We allow candles if their container collects all wax drippings. If wax escapes the container, there may be additional charges for cleaning or item replacement.

Is there any prohibited décor?

Any décor or effect that will cause damage to our space or require excessive cleaning are prohibited in our space (e.g.- Confetti, fireworks, or sparklers (including cold) are not allowed). Your venue manager will be happy to address any questions or concerns regarding this topic.


Do you have outdoor space?
Yes, we have an outdoor patio space available to guests. Complimentary access to our patio that includes an ambient fire pit and a waterfall fountain is available to you and your guests. This is also a smoking area, and a great place to make a quite phone call during a reception. Our larger patio space, which includes seating and a full bar, and can be rented as an individual space or an addition to a Barnett on Washington rental.

How many people can your space accommodate?
Most of our receptions fall between 100 and 150 people, however at maximum capacity we can seat up to 180 with a buffet and 200 people for a plated meal service. For a ceremony rental we can seat a maximum of 180 people. If you would like to have both your ceremony and reception with us, we recommend a guest count of around 150 people. If you are interested in a cocktail style reception, we are able to hold up to 200-250 people comfortably.


How do I officially reserve the venue?
We require a booking fee and a signed contract to officially reserve our space for your event.

Can I just have my ceremony at Barnett on Washington without a reception?
Yes, we do have ceremony only rentals available on Saturday and Sunday afternoons from 12-2pm. The Guest arrival, ceremony, and staged pictures all to take place within the rental time frame.

How do I schedule my rehearsal?
Your venue manager will help you schedule your rehearsal 1-2 months prior to your ceremony. Rehearsals are scheduled based on the availability of the venue.

What is the cancellation policy?
Once an event has been booked (booking fee paid and contract signed), there will be no refunds of money for a cancelled date. We are happy to work with you to reschedule the event within one year of the original date.